About Me

Angie Kohana Luxe

Hi, my name is Angela, although everyone calls me Angie, and Im the face behind the brand Kohana Luxe. As you can see in this photo, I love to travel, here I am on Lanzarote in 2018, one of my most favourite places to visit. 
Kohana Luxe was born in 2021 after much soul searching. I was in the fitness industry for many years and after I retired from teaching fitness I retrained in Aromatherapy Massage, however, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic put a stop to my business before it even took off and during that year I started to design t-shirts and sell them using a print on demand company. But it wasn't what I wanted to do in my heart of hearts, I wanted to produce those t-shirts myself so I invested in a lot of equipment and resources and Kohana Luxe was born.
I now print and press my own luxury loungewear, t-shirts, sweaters, hoodys, mugs and totes in my own studio in the Norfolk countryside.